It’s a great privilege to host the World Conference of Science Journalists 2025 – this is the first time the conference has ever been held on African soil. A privilege indeed for South Africa as the pioneer!

We look forward to welcoming the science journalists of the world to our home; we are sure it will be an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Our beautiful country has a lot to share, and that includes some fascinating scientific experiences, from the Square Kilometre Array, to cutting edge genomic sequencing, to the Cradle of Humankind for journalists covering paleontology.

The World Conference of Science Journalists takes place every two years, and is the largest international event for science journalists to gather as peers, helping one another learn, grow, and thrive. During the conference, attendees will enjoy seminars, workshops, lectures and access to expertise from around the world. An engaging, relevant and stimulating programme of content which will offer opportunities for both inspiration and growth, and a bouquet of day trips and longer options to explore our science and the natural and cultural glories of our country.