Mandi Smallhorne

Mandi Smallhorne is a freelance journalist and magazine editor. A health journalist since 1993, she edited an official magazine for a South African medical profession for more than two decades. She has also edited consumer magazines covering health and lifestyle – she was an early pioneer in covering climate change for the lay reader in South Africa. She has been commissioned by major media outlets in print and online media to write articles on a range of social justice and environmental issues, as well as science- and health-related topics. She has a particular interest in the interlocking issues of climate change, food security, agriculture and health.

Mandi Smallhorne serves as president of the South African Science Journalists Association and is ex-vice president of the World Federation of Science Journalists. She was born and raised in South Africa, graduating from the University of Cape Town with a BA in English and Psychology, but has lived in Johannesburg for decades.