Shehzad Ali Joomun

Hailing from a small island developing state, Mauritius, Shehzad Ali Joomun is an accomplished multilingual News Anchor and Reporter specializing in Business, Science and Environmental News. His work has garnered recognition from prestigious organizations such as SADC, UNECA, and UNESCO, highlighting the impact and quality of his reporting. Shehzad has been a speaker at major conferences on international platforms.

Shehzad’s multilingual abilities in English, French, Urdu, Hindi, and local Creole languages enable him to connect with diverse audiences and deliver captivating news reports. His contributions emphasize the importance of addressing the specific needs of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) on a global scale.

As a Board Member for Media Trust Mauritius, Shehzad provides strategic guidance, further solidifying his impact in the media industry. With his commitment to accurate reporting, creative storytelling, and advocacy for SIDS, Shehzad is a highly regarded and recognised journalist delivering exceptional news coverage.